Confessions of a Clubber
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I’m not gonna lie, it really hurts bad. </3

I’m done.

What’s it worth fighting for if you already lost? Time to move on and focus on myself again. 💔


Because I’m better off posting how I feel about things to a bunch of strangers rather than on to social media with people I know. #feels #realtalk #idkhowtofeel #demotivated #lifeasweknowit

23psi Boost, buckets seats and open road, this is what life is about 👌 #mitsubishi #evolution #evo #boosted #slammed #stancenation #turbo #jdm #japspec #jdmlove #igers #picoftheday #follow #lovinglife

Lyrics matching my mood:

Take Me Home - Cash Cash Ft. Bebe Rexha

“I’m falling to pieces, but I need this, yeah, I need this, you’re my fault, my weakness, when did you turn so cold,” 🎧

Pushing along..

It’s a shame that the people I trust the most in my life is doing all these things to hurt me, and I can’t even tell my remaining best friends because it’s too painful and heartbreaking to express my inner feelings, thank fuck they don’t have tumblr. At least I can speak on here freely worry free. Just gotta keep soldiering on through the bullshit and hope for the best. /:

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